Male Tears

A cursed relic of our revolting age, Male Tears remixes vintage comic book imagery into a verbo-visual slurry for your shame or amusement: forty pages of thwarted privilege, humiliating failure and unchecked emotions exploding into shocking acts of violence. A necrotic culture’s poisoned puke, reassembled into semicoherent word-and-picture format, for easy absorption through all but the… Read more »

The Conventionally Attractive Man in the Cave of Sorrow, Part II

— PREVIOUSLY! — The tap-tap of dripping water stirs him awake. Slowly the conventionally attractive man’s blue eyes begin to focus in the gloom. He blinks quickly, aware again of rope around his wrists and chest, but with his superior intuition he feels at once that his surroundings are different. He can see stark shadows against… Read more »

Captain Smash Adventures #101

So I’m sitting on the floor amidst all these half-unpacked boxes in my shitty motel room by the highway, the stripper I’ve been “running into” on a pretty regular basis idly picking a scab in my hand-me-down armchair. We’re waiting for my recently-ex-wife to drop off the kid so I can feel shitty about myself for… Read more »

The Oaf’s Calling Card

Includes signature, date and space inside for a personalized message. Perfect for: blackout drunks with foresight, klutzes, cads, spouses of the pathologically inconsiderate, awkward conversationalists with a certain self-awareness, avoiders of direct conflict

The Conventionally Attractive Man in the Cave of Sorrow, Part I

The conventionally attractive man is leaning back with his legs propped on his desk, pondering the late afternoon sunlight. After a few hours his phone rings. There is a great static on the other line, but with his superior powers of hearing he can just make out the words: “Thank god you’re there–ssssssk–Lord Death Man–dzzzz–my sister–kkktsssss–the… Read more »

Captain Smash Adventures #94

I’m having a lovely dinner with my wife for once, regaling her with tales of my exploits or whatever, and I notice her eyes have gone sort of dim and cloudy even though what I’m saying is real interesting, right? So I rather pointedly stop mid-sentence and give her a look like “I’m sorry, is my… Read more »

Color Field Television in HTML Color Codes at Rhizome

View the exhibition Color Field Television is featured in the HTML Color Codes Exhibition, hosted by Rhizome and curated by Carolyn Kane. From the exhibition statement: “The HTML Color Codes exhibition features a selection of internet based artwork that address the topic of digital color…” “Color Field Television is akin to watching an abstract painting on… Read more »