On the tram in the mornings the people are packed in so that no one can move and on each stop as we cut through the residential compound more people get on and no one gets off. On nearly every trip there is a good-looking woman.

My mornings are like this: secret covetous thoughts staring at women while I try to make my whole body numb as people bump against me.

Some people are going to work in stores at the MALL but many of us work somewhere else in the MALL that is not a store, and if it is our day off then we go to the MALL anyway because the MALL is everything. If we have a child and we want to take it to the park then we go to the MALL and if we want to mail a letter then we go to the MALL and if we want to walk down long avenues and watch the business of people then we go to the MALL.

There is nothing else. Or, rather, everything is this.