Users interested in controlling their own virtual Andrew Venell for purposes of experimentation or companionship are invited to download the following character package file for use in The Sims 2 for Mac or Windows: Andrew Venell Simulation Pack v. 1.0

Instructions for use:

With the exception of a few minor details1 the Andrew Venell package has been carefully crafted to provide the closest possible simulation of Andrew Venell–how he would appear and behave in whatever scenarios you devise within your virtual Sims world.

To use the package, download the linked file and unzip. Double click on AndrewVenell.Sims2Pack and allow the Installer to add the package to your Sims game. Now start the Sims2 application and create a family to use your new character (instructions on using downloaded Sims can be found here).

Andrew Venell should be the first option available to you under faces. The physical characteristics are complete, but you will still have to clothe your Andrew Venell simulation in accurate clothing and choose the proper personality attributes. Choose Step 5 and select the first available full wardrobe under “everyday” wear, which should be a handsome button down/jeans/sneakers combination called “andyclothes.” These represent a fairly close approximation of Andrew Venell’s daily wardrobe, which usually combines a dark, tailored button down shirt with jeans and bright sneakers.

The final and most important configuration involves simulating Andrew Venell’s unique personality traits. Select Step 6. For your character’s “Aspiration,” choose the “Knowledge Aspiration.” Andrew Venell values intellectual pursuits slightly higher than companionship or weak-minded desires for fame. Under Personality, choose “Capricorn” (Andrew Venell’s astrological sign), but modify the various parameters according to the image to the left.

Note that this transforms Andrew Venell (inaccurately) into a Virgo, but matches more closely his individual personality, which involves an extreme neatness, general unsociability, average initiative and playfulness, and a slight tendency towards negativity.

As specified above, your Andrew Venell should provide you with an accurate simulation of the actual Andrew Venell, particularly if you choose to place him in situations that test his personal characteristics (e.g., an especially dirty or crowded room, a room with a computer, a yard with expansive views). Enjoy your simulated Andrew Venell, and please provide him with adequate care.

1A final note: certain limitations with the Sims 2 program are responsible for a few minor discrepancies between Andrew Venell and the simulated Andrew Venell. To wit: The Sims 2 character creation tool does not account for those with prodigious widow’s peaks, nor for those who favor their plastic glasses with only a half rim, in the old-fashioned style. More seriously, the Sims characters tend to go about their business with an affable but somewhat docile and idiotic smile on their faces, an expression only found on Andrew Venell in extremely rare cases.