In a million years they will still not have made the voice of the conductor any clearer.

I am still on the tram. I looked out the window at the last stop and saw that we were at the Macy's quartermile. Now I know that I have two stops left. But I am still thinking what will I do.

I am still thinking what will I do when a blonde-headed woman sits in the seat next to mine and I have one stop left. She has a book which means to me that she will be on this tram for a long time so perhaps she works at the Macy's quartermile during the evenings when I am asleep and now she is on her way home and I am on my way to my desk full of drawers.

She has green eyes. I like to think of her working while I am asleep or cooking myself dinner or watching television. I like to think of her carrying her black bag to her post behind the scarf counter and settling in for the night while I am scanning my barcode in the lock and entering my room and thinking what will I do.

I like her. I want her to be in more of this book.