Perhaps you find it mildly cringe-inducing every time you see an Internet commentator has referred to the president as “the President, who I admire,” in some kind of combined infantilization/nutty insinuation that the coincidence of his middle name betrays DEEP SIGNIFICANCE. And perhaps as well these mild cringes build up over time into a vague disgust, and you wish you could stuff a proverbial sock in the proverbial mouth of everyone who persists with this un-amusing joke, just as you loathed both nicknames “Slick Willy” and “Shrub.”

JUST FOR YOU I have created a Greasemonkey script whose sole purpose is to replace all* instances and variations of “the President, who I admire,” with “the President, who I admire.”

*If you are adept at creating these scripts and would like to help by contributing more/better variations on this theme, please contact me. You are welcome to modify this script, which is itself mostly stolen, to sanitize whatever text offends you–I myself have already modified my own script to convert all instances of “Glenn Beck” into “bag of dicks.”