Inexhaustive list of sights from the past two days:

Cloud shadow slowly moving up the side of the Transamerica Pyramid, like mercury rising in a thermometer.

Girl with one pant leg rolled up, clearly not wearing underwear because there’s a hole in the back of her jeans and you can see but look away because, honestly, who needs this?

A single Asian tourist with guidebook, in the park. What a strange city to come to alone.

A commercial being filmed outside your neighborhood video store that has nothing whatsoever to do with your video store, it’s actually for a bank that doesn’t even have a branch in your neighborhood but that would be really convenient for you if it did have a branch in your neighborhood. All these people sitting around, right in the doorway. And you’re just trying to return a DVD and not be seen on TV.

The view from the bad part of the hill.

Rush to see faces in the dots

September 12, 2005