• Just Asking – David Foster Wallace on 9/11 – The Atlantic
    "In still other words, what if we chose to accept the fact that every few years, despite all reasonable precautions, some hundreds or thousands of us may die in the sort of ghastly terrorist attack that a democratic republic cannot 100-percent protect itself from without subverting the very principles that make it worth protecting?"
  • Digital Comic Museum
    "We are the #1 site for downloading FREE public domain Golden Age Comics. All files here have been researched by our staff and users to make sure they are copyright free and in the public domain."

    I think I am having a heart attack.

  • Fireland (?You want a mint?? ?I?m good.? ?I said do you…)
    ?Your breath smells like the ? and I do not use this word lightly ? but it smells like the Holocaust.?

    ?Well, I?m on this cabbage diet until I can feel comfortable riding a bus with my shirt off.?

    Sometimes I wish there were a button I could use to "favorite" Josh Allen's entire life.

  • More of the Best | MetaFilter
    The Best of American Crime Reporting, online, 2007-2009.
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