• extracts of local distance
    "Countless fragments of existing architectural photography are merged into multilayered shapes. The resulting collages introduce a third abstract point of view next to the original ones of architect and photographer."
  • How facts backfire – The Boston Globe
    "The last five decades of political science have definitively established that most modern-day Americans lack even a basic understanding of how their country works."

    Is all this new research into cognitive biases and the myth of free will just laying the groundwork for some future fascism?

  • CologneOFF VI – jury selections
  • Min Oh
  • The Simple Best
    "Writing my own code, from <body> tag to finished blog post, is just time-consuming enough to make sure I'm writing from a place of balance, thoughtfulness, and intellectual honesty."

    I never thought I'd live to see the mythologizing of "hand-crafted" HTML, but okay. I still appreciate the sentiment that *increasing* the friction of putting something out there makes it more likely that that thing is actually worth the effort. 2010-11 will go down as the year when everyone started realizing they were making too much crap for the internet. And by "everyone" I mean "hardly anyone."

  • More Evidence That We?ll Never Police Our Way To Silence | In Pursuit of Silence
    "If this study has any validity and it really takes no more than a minute or two at less than two meters to cause permanent hearing damage, the 2010 World Cup will go down as the greatest mass deafening in human history…"