Of potential interest: 10/18/11

  • I Was an Under-Age Semiotician – NYTimes.com
  • SUPERTYPE! – Comic Book Mastheads
  • Integrity ? Jack Cheng
    "Beliefs and actions are like two separate musical tones, each with its own pitch, each repeating at a certain wavelength. Integrity is when the two come together, when beliefs and actions are in total alignment. A certain cosmic vibration occurs ? there is resonance."

    One of the nicer tributes to Steve Jobs, and an interesting hypothesis as to why the passing of a corporate CEO is so affecting to so many.

    "…To be true to Steve, we must listen to the music playing within each of us, and tune our actions accordingly. To honor his life, we must honor our own, taking inspration not merely from his actions and beliefs, but their integrity."

  • Steve Jobs narrates The Crazy Ones
  • The Devil on the Door
    "Could a painting on a dope dealer?s storefront be the last work of Jean-Michel Basquiat?"

    Interesting perspective on the idea of an artist’s estate scrubbing lesser/morally compromised works from his oeuvre. Here is another rhetorical question: Are Basquiat’s art dealers any less culpable in his death than his drug dealers?

Of potential interest: 05/31/11

  • Hide/Seek, Culture Wars and the History of the NEA
    "But then what to fund? It would have to stress individuality over corporate conformity, be ‘inner-directed’ as opposed to ‘outer-directed,’ hard instead of soft, and it would have to outshine Soviet art in the eyes of Europeans, speaking in a visual language they could understand, but modifying it in a way that was distinctly American. And it would have to clearly say: Freedom."

    I knew Abstract Expressionism was deliberately promoted as an arm of the Cold War, but I had no idea how instrumental the establishment of the NEA was in this movement. Fascinating take on America’s relationship to national arts funding, particularly the idea of "highbrow" culture ever serving as a marker of national identity.

    And then:

    "Now there?s a question worth asking: If the story of the Endowment in the 70s is a story of decentralization and pluralism, if the Endowment was funding community arts centers and youth programs and potters and metalsmiths and weavers and textile museums and mimes and jazz musicians and Hispanic art, to whom, exactly, did the NEA have ‘no real value’?"

    Interesting to note that without the specter of the USSR to define ourselves in contrast to, America is no longer concerned with promoting the fiction that artists are free to do whatever they want here.

  • ART THOUGHTZ: How to Make an Art. HennesyYoungman
    "Art’s not about making a sculpture out of scratch. I mean, where do you even find scratch in 2011? I thought we ran out of scratch in like the 60s after the Vietnam war."

    So good. I honestly don’t know why I persist in living sometimes.

    "I can’t possibly sit on all these chairs: ART."

  • Yung Jake – Datamosh
    This was deserved. I’m sorry for everything.
  • Interview with Neo Rauch | ?You won?t find an ?Untitled? among my works? | The Art Newspaper
    "It is a give-and-take between an idea, what one might call ‘text’, and what is recorded using the medium as ‘subtext’… The text, which I regard as a private matter, must be able to stand being dragged diagonally across the canvas. If it loses something along the way, so much the better, since it then gains something that it may have urgently needed: sensuality and a truth that is rooted in non-verbal space."

    >>-?–> I could quote this entire article:

    "Solutions don?t come into it. My pictures supposedly have a vital quality, like an animal, a living thing. There is no need to understand, only to feel that this creature is, to the greatest possible degree, at peace with itself. It is not always possible to realise, but that?s how I imagine a functioning picture. As soon as I have the feeling that the thing has blood circulating through it, a nervous system, a skeleton, then questions as to the message become completely marginal."

  • Instant Cinema
    Time-based Art Forum
  • Nanolaw with Daughter (Ftrain.com)
    "My daughter was first sued in the womb. It was all very new then. I’d posted ultrasound scans online for friends and family. I didn’t know the scans had steganographic thumbprints. A giant electronics company that made ultrasound machines acquired a speculative law firm for many tens of millions of dollars. The new legal division cut a deal with all five Big Socials to dig out contact information for anyone who’d posted pictures of their babies in-utero. It turns out the ultrasounds had no clear rights story; I didn’t actually own mine."

Of potential interest: 05/10/11

Of potential interest: 03/01/11

  • Ten Thousand Statistically Grammar-Average Fake Band Names
    I call dibs on "Atlas Plume" and "Lifelike Pancake Carcass."
  • Romance in the age of uncertainty
    "So most people buying modern art are just paying for the
    privilege to participate in the in-joke of which they are the
  • Pine Point – National Film Board of Canada
    A Canadian mining town that no longer exists. Pretty marvelous treatment of analog materials, and one of the better examples of website-as-documentary so far.
  • Metagames: Games About Games – Waxy.org
    "Over the last few years, I’ve been collecting examples of metagames ? not the strategy of metagaming, but playable games about videogames."

    Amazing material here.

  • A List Apart: Articles: A Simpler Page
    "We need a starting point. We know HTML is the future so why not build a core design template for long form tablet reading? With this in mind, I set out to build just that. The end result is called Bibliotype. It?s a simple set of CSS, HTML, and JS files that provide a base for anyone looking to bring long form reading to tablets (be it in a CMS, blog, iOS app?anything using WebKit as a renderer)."

    Also includes some good, common-sense considerations for designing for the small screen.

  • Infinite Glitch – Info
    "Infinite Glitch is an automated system that generates an ever-changing audio/video stream from the constantly increasing mass of media files freely available on the web. Source audio and video files are ripped from a variety of popular media hosting sites, torn apart, and recombined using collage and glitch techniques to create an organic, chaotic flood of sensory input."


Of potential interest: 01/25/11

  • A Sudden Illness – How My Life Changed, by Laura Hillenbrand
    "For as long as two months at a time, I couldn’t get down the stairs. Bathing became nearly impossible. Once a week or so, I sat on the edge of the tub and rubbed a washcloth over myself. The smallest exertion plunged me into a ‘crash.’ First, my legs would weaken and I’d lose the strength to stand. Then I wouldn’t be able to sit up. My arms would go next, and I’d he unable to lift them. I couldn’t roll over. Soon, I would lose the strength to speak. Only my eyes were capable of movement. At the bottom of each breath, I would wonder if I’d be able to draw the next one."

    Brutal description of 15 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  • Mark Essen’s video games
  • Forever / from a working library
    "By this measure, the printed book lasts forever, but the digital book?as yet?does not. A cast iron pan, properly cared-for, will last forever; a cheap aluminum pan may not. A well-crafted chair, loved by its owner, will last forever; an allen-wrench constructed Ikea chair will not. Forever, then, is defined by the presence of two unique but necessary components: the physical ability to survive one hundred years (give or take a few), and the presence of a caretaker."

    Of course she’s right. But, freed from it’s organic, decaying, pulpy prison, the *text* can and should last forever, regardless of what happens to the book. Or eBook. Ideally, immortality will come from ever wider (and less corporeal) dissemination and translation. We have enough simple and open source formats ("well-crafted" HTML will see us far into the future). What we need is some kind of open source standard for future-proofing *hardware*. The people who crack that one open deserve Gutenberg status.

  • The Age of Plastic.com (2001-2011) | MetaFilter
    Sad but ultimately necessary. The retirement of MAYORBOB (just blinded you with cred) and that time the site went down for–what?–a month? pretty much killed it a long time ago. Still, I spent some futile seconds there. Every second of 2001-2, for example.

    Also, yes: ha ha that there’s a thread on Metafilter announcing the death of Plastic. How many good years does Metafilter have left? 5? 10?

    Still and all, I would sacrifice Plastic.com in order to bring Suck.com or Feedmag back from the dead. Or–better yet–Word.com, which was worth a million Plastics.

Of potential interest: 01/11/11

  • Dive Into HTML5
    Dive Into HTML5 seeks to elaborate on a hand-picked Selection of features from the HTML5 specification and other fine Standards.
  • Vietnam’s Mammoth Cavern – Photo Gallery – National Geographic Magazine
    "There?s a jungle inside Vietnam?s mammoth cavern. A skyscraper could fit too. And the end is out of sight."

    The perfect place to film a movie.

  • Vanishing Act – Lapham?s Quarterly
    "Not even a cat was out. The rain surged down with a steady drone. It meant to harm New York and everyone there. The gutters could not contain it. Long ago they had despaired of the job and surrendered. But the rain paid no attention to them?New York people never lived in houses or even in burrows. They inhabited cells in stone cliffs. They timed the cooking of their eggs by the nearest traffic light. If the light went wrong, so did the eggs?

    ‘I don?t like civilization,’ she said, to the rain."

    The unsolved disappearance of Barbara Newhall Follett, child author and my new life hero. Here is more:

    "My dreams are going through their death flurries. I thought they were all safely buried, but sometimes they stir in their grave, making my heartstrings twinge. I mean no particular dream, you understand, but the whole radiant flock of them together ? with their rainbow wings, iridescent, bright, soaring, glorious, sublime. They are dying before the steel javelins and arrows of a world of Time and Money."

Of potential interest: 12/21/10