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  • Integrity ? Jack Cheng
    "Beliefs and actions are like two separate musical tones, each with its own pitch, each repeating at a certain wavelength. Integrity is when the two come together, when beliefs and actions are in total alignment. A certain cosmic vibration occurs ? there is resonance."

    One of the nicer tributes to Steve Jobs, and an interesting hypothesis as to why the passing of a corporate CEO is so affecting to so many.

    "…To be true to Steve, we must listen to the music playing within each of us, and tune our actions accordingly. To honor his life, we must honor our own, taking inspration not merely from his actions and beliefs, but their integrity."

  • Steve Jobs narrates The Crazy Ones
  • The Devil on the Door
    "Could a painting on a dope dealer?s storefront be the last work of Jean-Michel Basquiat?"

    Interesting perspective on the idea of an artist’s estate scrubbing lesser/morally compromised works from his oeuvre. Here is another rhetorical question: Are Basquiat’s art dealers any less culpable in his death than his drug dealers?

October 18, 2011. Links