• Hide/Seek, Culture Wars and the History of the NEA
    "But then what to fund? It would have to stress individuality over corporate conformity, be ‘inner-directed’ as opposed to ‘outer-directed,’ hard instead of soft, and it would have to outshine Soviet art in the eyes of Europeans, speaking in a visual language they could understand, but modifying it in a way that was distinctly American. And it would have to clearly say: Freedom."

    I knew Abstract Expressionism was deliberately promoted as an arm of the Cold War, but I had no idea how instrumental the establishment of the NEA was in this movement. Fascinating take on America’s relationship to national arts funding, particularly the idea of "highbrow" culture ever serving as a marker of national identity.

    And then:

    "Now there?s a question worth asking: If the story of the Endowment in the 70s is a story of decentralization and pluralism, if the Endowment was funding community arts centers and youth programs and potters and metalsmiths and weavers and textile museums and mimes and jazz musicians and Hispanic art, to whom, exactly, did the NEA have ‘no real value’?"

    Interesting to note that without the specter of the USSR to define ourselves in contrast to, America is no longer concerned with promoting the fiction that artists are free to do whatever they want here.

  • ART THOUGHTZ: How to Make an Art. HennesyYoungman
    "Art’s not about making a sculpture out of scratch. I mean, where do you even find scratch in 2011? I thought we ran out of scratch in like the 60s after the Vietnam war."

    So good. I honestly don’t know why I persist in living sometimes.

    "I can’t possibly sit on all these chairs: ART."

  • Yung Jake – Datamosh
    This was deserved. I’m sorry for everything.
  • Interview with Neo Rauch | ?You won?t find an ?Untitled? among my works? | The Art Newspaper
    "It is a give-and-take between an idea, what one might call ‘text’, and what is recorded using the medium as ‘subtext’… The text, which I regard as a private matter, must be able to stand being dragged diagonally across the canvas. If it loses something along the way, so much the better, since it then gains something that it may have urgently needed: sensuality and a truth that is rooted in non-verbal space."

    >>-?–> I could quote this entire article:

    "Solutions don?t come into it. My pictures supposedly have a vital quality, like an animal, a living thing. There is no need to understand, only to feel that this creature is, to the greatest possible degree, at peace with itself. It is not always possible to realise, but that?s how I imagine a functioning picture. As soon as I have the feeling that the thing has blood circulating through it, a nervous system, a skeleton, then questions as to the message become completely marginal."

  • Instant Cinema
    Time-based Art Forum
  • Nanolaw with Daughter (Ftrain.com)
    "My daughter was first sued in the womb. It was all very new then. I’d posted ultrasound scans online for friends and family. I didn’t know the scans had steganographic thumbprints. A giant electronics company that made ultrasound machines acquired a speculative law firm for many tens of millions of dollars. The new legal division cut a deal with all five Big Socials to dig out contact information for anyone who’d posted pictures of their babies in-utero. It turns out the ultrasounds had no clear rights story; I didn’t actually own mine."