• Urban Forest Map
    A fairly exhaustive inventory of each tree in San Francisco
  • Anatomy of Norbiton: prospectus – otium liberale
    "And so to provide myself with some new co-ordinates by which I could situate myself, I found myself using the Classical distinction between otium and negotium (disengagement from and engagement with the world, respectively; see glossary) to rough out the zones of my life, give it some sort of broad form: like scratching out the perimeter of a new city in the dry earth with a pair of oxen and a plough."

    As with every chapter of Anatomy of Norbiton, which I graze through slowly on Instapaper, this is a goddamn joy to read.

  • Feet In Smoke: A Story About Electrified Near-Death
  • (3) Stealth Mountain (stealthmountain) on Twitter
    I alert twitter users that they typed sneak peak when they meant sneak peek.
  • Sentient City Survival Kit
    artifacts for survival in the near-future sentient city
  • Serendipitor
    "Serendipitor is an alternative navigation app for the iPhone that helps you find something by looking for something else. The app combines directions generated by a routing service… with instructions for action and movement inspired by Fluxus, Vito Acconci, and Yoko Ono, among others."
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