Vote for LiveDisasters and/or Supercruft for the 2012 Present Prize

Both LiveDisasters and the Supercruft Induction Terminal were nominated for the Present Prize, a $1200 grant whose theme this year is “Net Love”: artwork-you-like-that-can-be-seen-on-a-computer.

As you are an obvious member of my target demographic I humbly request that you vote for either of those pieces by comparing them favorably to other pieces, in a vaguely unsettling battle royale of internet art.

But because the voting process is akin to trying to view an artwork while someone continuously waves another artwork in front of your face, I have assembled a list of each participating project so that you may spend some time with each excellent work in its natural habitat, studiously determine your allegiances, and then quickly plow through the actual votes:

We Who Feel Differently by Carlos Motta
Supercruft and Live Disasters by Andrew Venell
NSKYC by Mike Bodge by Andrey Yazev
Cloaque founded by Carlos Saez and Claudia Mate
Open_Close.txt and The Internet Makes Me Happy by Emilio Gomariz by Packard Jennings
C RED BLUE J by Chris Sollars
Peter Hasson: Praying Ping Pong by Jesse Nichols by Anthony Antonellis
Molteni Net Works by Maria Molteni and the New Craft Artists in Action
Sanctuary by Aaron Vincent Elkaim

Please vote by August 9th, and validate ten years of effort.